How can I use a Mac computer for editing photos and videos?

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Apple computers are known for integrating hardware and software seamlessly. A Mac computer is equally adept for editing photos and videos. Each Mac comes with built in software that make pictures and movies shine. All of the software components work in harmony to create inspiring projects. The average Mac user has the ability to produce professional results using the simple software that is included with the computer.

Photo editing is accomplished with the powerful iPhoto application. The program automatically recognizes most cameras, and loads images into the application when a camera is connected to the computer. The first step is to organize the images into folders, and iPhoto automatically creates events based on the date the pictures were taken. Changing the name of a file or merging multiple events are simple processes. The unique file system is designed to work with Apple's mobile devises as well. Media of all types can be shared on multiple devises when they are synced with the computer.

Editing photos in the iPhoto application is straightforward with the usual enhancements. The basics such as, cropping, minor adjustments and other editing tools are easy to use giving the final image a bit of professional polish. A slideshow of an event can be created with the touch of a button. There are a few themes that highlight the slideshow with music and transitions exclusive to Apple. The slideshow can be made into a movie by selecting the appropriate menu item. Events and individual pictures can be incorporated into a iMovie project.

Video editing is nearly as simple with iMovie application. The newer versions have a trailer feature, which allows the user to create a cinematic trailer for their videos. A full movie production is augmented with transitions, music and titles. Apple has reduced the editing process down to a manageable tool suitable for the average user. When the final project is complete it can be made into a DVD using the iDVD application. Photos and slideshows may be added to a DVD project as well.

A nifty little trick for building individual titles for any iMovie assignment is to use the Keynote program. The Keynote application is not included in the initial setup, but most people have it as a replacement for Microsoft Powerpoint. A slide is exported as a Quicktime movie, and once that is done it can be imported into a iMovie event. This little tip empowers the user with more creative control with personal movies. Utilizing the Keynote program in this manner is a fine example of how Apple software works as a cohesive unit, not fighting against one another.

The Mac computer is the perfect tool for editing photos and videos that any amateur photographer and videographer can use to compose professional looking images. All of the software on a Mac seamlessly works together to fabricate masterpieces, and adding professional touches. Photos can be touched up, and given a polished look. The family vacation is quickly made into a blockbuster movie with a trailer for the highlights. A Mac computer is the perfect tool for editing all types of media, but is especially strong with photos and videos.

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