How do I quickly find a file on my MacBook Pro hard drive using Apple computer software?

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Great Question! You are in luck because using an Apple computer is so versatile and easy. The Apple computer software usually gives you two or three different ways to do the same thing. Here, there are many different ways to find a document, picture, folder, music, movie or application. One of the fastest ways is to use the Apple computer software called SPOTLIGHT. SPOTLIGHT is found in the top right corner of your MacBook Pro Menu Bar. It looks like a small magnifying glass. Click on the magnifying glass and an input box opens for you to begin typing whatever you are looking for.

One of Apple's greatest search features is that they do not limit you on what you can look for. For example, you can search for a filename. You can also type a phrase contained within the file you are searching for. You can also type in the file extension to limit the search further. SPOTLIGHT will even search your calendar, events and dictionary as well as saved webpages. In fact, it will search through all the different types of categories of saved items you have on you hard drive. The results are presented and broken down by categories such as top hits, definitions, fonts, music, and etc. When you hover your mouse icon over any search result, you will get the exact location where the search result can be found on your hard drive.

Some of the great things about SPOTLIGHT is that it is always available to you and always very easily found.

Apple also offers a more comprehensive search function within the Apple computer software called FINDER. Again, in any FINDER window, the search function is found in the upper right corner. As before, you can type in any combination of a word, phrase or file extension. The results in FINDER will show you the filename, type of file and the last time it was opened. You can limit the search to within the contents of any file or to just searching the filenames. The results can easily be sorted alphabetically, by date or by kind (or file type).

Apple usually gives you the results of what it found when it searched all of what is contained within you computer. This is called This Mac. You can limit your search to just your hard drive, a particular folder or to even a particular file type.

Another of the wonderful features of Apple computer software is that you can select different views. The views will list your results by icon, list, in columns or with Cover Flow. In both the icon and Cover Flow views, you can actually see at least the first page of content within the file. If the file is a Word processor document or Adobe pdf, you can highlight the file and scroll through each of the document pages without opening the file. This allows you to better see the contents of the file right from the FINDER page and without having to open the program.

I am sure that either of these methods will work for you. Once you try them, you will see how great Apple hardware is.

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